Bombs & Bombshells: I Soak up Some Actual Culture

Friday evening I swung by Downtown to see the opening of Bombs & Bombshells, an exhibit by local artist J.D. Biggs at Collector's Art Group.

I have some history with Mr. Biggs, as several years ago he was responsible for a bleak, sarcastic cityscape that appeared in the artwork of my old band's CD. And his experiences with the merciless business practices of us music-industry types chased him out of the art business for years.

Okay, okay, so I made up the last part. But it has been a while since he's done an exhibition, in case you're not familiar with him. His exhibit spiel gives you a snapshot of his background–and his sense of humor.

The exhibition includes several paintings of familiar faces that, taken together, make a particularly wry comment on a culture that insists on female beauty while accepting and even embracing male ugliness. Check out, for example, this painting of the inimitable Keith Richards, which finds the famously ragged icon looking even more disheveled than usual. How many women rockers do you see flaunting a correspondingly weathered mug?

Bombs & Bombshells is up through May 31st, 2008. Collector's Art Group is located at 225 E. Sixth Street, 2nd Floor, in Downtown Cincinnati.