Doorknob Monday 12/14/2015

The public entrance to The Canton Classic Car Museum (recommended) in Canton, Ohio.


And the very fine doorknob that grants entrance to this showcase of automotive delights.


Bonus: the museum’s mural, across the street.



5 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 12/14/2015

  1. It looks like the decorative wooden thingie would interfere with the successful gripping of the knob by a right-handed knob-gripper. It’s a pinch point!

  2. Yay, a Doorknob post! WordPress has been a pretty dull place without Doorknobs.

    I’ve discovered that very few people out here know what “soliciting” means. That, or “No soliciting” signs don’t work.

    • We used to rent a house that came with a “No Peddlars” sign on the front door. It is unknown if that charmingly outdated diction was any better understood.

  3. Definitely a gorgeous doorknob. I think I need to bring my dad to this museum. (Mom will come, too, of course! Lol).
    My oldest son lives in N. Canton. It must be close!

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