Doorknob Monday (9/8/2014)

I. Nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania, what do we have here?


II. The Knobsville Church of the Brethren welcomes a weary traveler. A doorknob lurks in the distance.


III. A fine high steeple, and a closer view of the doorknob.


IV. Here is our friendly church doorknob, waiting to greet visitors.


V. The church utility building has a friendly doorknob as well.


VI. A pretty view from the church.


VII. Knobsville lies mainly along a rural highway, and has one back street, seen here.


VIII. Further along the back street.


IX. A gold-colored doorknob secures a side door.


X. A rather blurry doorknob is for sale by owner.


XI. A rustic doorknob, and a request for divine blessings upon the nation.


XII. A doorknob, and a companion door handle, upon an official building. Thanks for visiting Knobsville! Come see us again!



16 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday (9/8/2014)

  1. Wow, that’s quite a collection! Love it! I’ve been obsessed with church doors for a long time. Many photos. Being a New Englander I have that love of the quaint. This town has volumes of that, although in a different style. Very sweet.

    “Taste and See”?? I don’t even dare ask.

    • Sad but true, the elegant doorknob is not the best solution for anyone whose hands are in a weakened state.

      Of course, I strongly believe that one’s ability to sink or swim in society should be directly proportional to one’s ability to deal with arbitrary inventions from centuries ago… WHOA! Sorry! I just transformed into a horrible social Darwinist conservative/libertarian type for a second there. I’m better now. 🙂

    • This town was sleepy. Didn’t see a soul out and about. Four o’clock on a warm Sunday afternoon…sounds more like napping time to me.

      Giving credit where due, this junket was inspired by this comment.

      • I thought this sounded familiar. I sure hope you had other reasons for being in Pennsylvania. If not, you are the most dedicated knob chronicler of all-time. You even top Pepys.

        • Conveniently, we had a Baltimore-area wedding to attend. Knobsville is surprisingly close to the Interstate.

          I get snippets of Pepys on Twitter. He seems to talk a lot about his wife and his ale. Also his paperwork.

  2. Nobody in this small town came out and said, “Why are you taking pictures of my door, stranger?”

    I think I would have jumped back in the car and took off fast after reading that quote on the church marquee. It looks and sounds too much like a scene from a chainsaw massacre movie, the part when the lost tourists drive into town and say, “This place sure is quiet. Where is everyone?”

    • Nope — we tried to be reasonably quick and discreet, and nobody made a peep.

      The church didn’t really creep me out. The human heads impaled on poles, however…that was a little odd.

  3. I agree with the other commenters… there’s clearly something very suspicious going on here. I’m guessing the town is home to a fringe doorknob-licking cult, who believe that they can “taste” God via doorknobs… shudder. Where are Scully and Mulder when you need them???

      • Oh, the other thing was that the guy with knives for hands and the guy with the horrific mask couldn’t run fast enough to keep up with me. Kind of lame, I was only going the speed limit. They should work out more.

    • The truth is out there. Well, I mean, in here. In this doorknob. *slurp* You should try this, Scully. It’s delicious. Absolutely the best doorknob I’ve ever tasted. *horrendous complications ensue*

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