Doorknob Monday 6/3/2013

We here at All Loose & Squirrelly state definitively that a gateknob counts as a doorknob.

Doorknob Monday 2013-06-03-A

Doorknob Monday 2013-06-03-B


14 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 6/3/2013

  1. Pshhh! You’ve forgotten your roots, man. This feature use to be all about the doors, but now you’ve sold out to cash in on the rusty-wrought-iron market that’s so hot right now. This is a scandal! I’m calling it “Gate-gate”…

      • [Snarky journalist reminds phantomxii of the time he posted a drunken stream of Tweets claiming that “kissing-gates spread disease”, and “secretly control Hollywood”. Journalist then refers to phantomxii as “The Turnstile Turncoat”, for extra effect.]

        • ‘Look, Over There!’ phantomxii Tells Reporters; ‘The NSA Is Monitoring Our Communications, Making Anything I Have Done Seem Completely Trivial By Comparison!’; Speeds Off In Limousine

  2. Is that oxidized copper? If so, if must have been even prettier when it was new.

    It’s a rare gate that has a knob instead of a latch or a hasp. I’m on the side of inclusion.

  3. That is an unusual knob. It’s actually on a crank-like mechanism that latches the gate. The fence is also very ornate for a cemetery. Is this in Ohio, or someplace else? It’s nice ironwork. Where I live, it would have been all knocked down and stolen for scrap metal. 😦 The cemetery where my mom is buried is having trouble with jerks coming in and stealing the bronze markers and flower urns on people’s graves. It makes me glad we got a stone marker for hers.

    • Winston-Salem, NC. The fence seems to surround a family plot, which is interesting. I believe you just pull the knob to one side, as opposed to the usual knobular turning exercise; the rod serves as the latch.

    • Seriously? I’ll have to stop out there and see if there are any teens who want to make out. NO OFFICER I WAS JUST MAKING A JOKE

      (See comment to HG for actual locality)

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