Doorknob Monday 4/15/2013



20 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 4/15/2013

  1. Heehee. I didn’t even notice, but it does say 4/15/2013 in the corner of my computer screen.
    Is that doorknob red to match the bricks?
    Just the thought of it being Doorknob Monday has brightened my day.

  2. Yay Doorknob Monday! Is there some significance to the number 5 on the door?

    I was just listening to The Beatles’ “Revolution” and I heard John Lennon saying over and over again, “Number 9….number 9….” So now it’s stuck in my head. I see numbers where I didn’t notice them before.

    • Why, it’s Door Number Five, of course! Didn’t you read Door Number Five by Thomas Pynchon?

      *hides while HG wastes time determining there is no such book*

  3. Wow. It says on yer blog that I am following this blog along with 37 other amazing people.
    How do they know this? And how do they know they are amazing?

  4. I didn’t know I was amazing until now and I’ve been following you, gosh, for at least a month! Maybe even a year! What non-amazing time I’ve been wasting!
    Next time I write a letter from one of our executives, I’m going to work in “AUTOMATIC AMAZEBALLS!”

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