Doorknob Monday 9/10/2012

An enigmatic found-objects piece by Ross Bachelder.


15 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 9/10/2012

  1. the amazing thing is that the writing on the wood says ,Four Dozen Cliqut Club Beverages”(i am the proud owner of this piece)I only drank the ginger ale.they must have kept the other flavors in the back room!

    • Hi, Anne! Someone in the back room must have been keeping the sparkling cider all to themselves. 🙂

      I really like this piece, and I’m glad it has a good home!

  2. A doorknob not connected to a door and yet is also spotlighted on Doorknob Monday is making my head spin. I believe I must lie down now.

    • All Loose & Squirrelly definitely delivers deft, dizzying deconstruction of desultory, de rigueur doorknob dispositions, displays, demarcations, and delineations.

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