Doorknob Monday 6/11/2012


7 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 6/11/2012

  1. I had to check the tags to realize what I was looking at. That looks like a mighty skinny door, more for a broom closet than a water closet. And maybe that’s the first time I’ve seen a bathroom door with no lock on it.

    • Yep, this W.C. is in particularly tight quarters (there’s a hint hiding in the tags). And the absence of a lock is indeed odd, and potentially embarrassing.

  2. Lack of lock is not a good thing under these circumstances. Yet the doorknob is close enough to the toilet so that the user will be able to lean over and keep the door closed should an emergency arise.

    • I would go so far as to say that the user will be so crammed into the space that resting a hand on the doorknob will seem almost natural.

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