Unusable Door Thursday 3/8/2012

And now, the conclusion to the previous episode of Unusable Door Thursday.

We had just been introduced to a door which, were it opened, would deposit one onto a sloping rooftop.

What must that arrangement have looked like from the outside?

Here you go.

It seems we have a lonely little five-story tower, fully equipped with elevator and staircase, all set to service its doorways out into…thin air.

Evidently the tower was erected in anticipation of a parking garage—but then someone realized a surface lot would be more than adequate, and called off completion of the garage.

The secret: these structures serve a hospital that was largely converted into administrative offices in 2000. And it would seem administrative offices generate a lot less automotive traffic than hospitals. So, the lonely little tower may have been a waste of funds, but at least they didn’t build the whole damn garage.


6 thoughts on “Unusable Door Thursday 3/8/2012

  1. The door to nowhere reminds me of Winchester House in San Jose. I went there with the kids a few years ago, and thought the house was designed to kill people. There were doors that opened out 100 feet from the ground, and others built over the stairwell. The former owner was paranoid and probably delusional. Maybe so were the builders of the hospital.

  2. Ha!
    I won’t add anything paranoid or delusional about my place of employment.
    But, it’s nice to know what the door to nowhere was all about. Now, if you could explain the Bridge to Nowhere ala Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum…..?

    • Uh, well, the Bridge…goes over to Russia, since you can see Russia from Alaska, you know…and they have bombs, or homosexuals, or something…and, um, maintaining our political ties to the Queen of England…I read lots of newspapers…uh, what was the question again?

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