Unusable Door Thursday 3/8/2012

And now, the conclusion to the previous episode of Unusable Door Thursday.

We had just been introduced to a door which, were it opened, would deposit one onto a sloping rooftop.

What must that arrangement have looked like from the outside?

Here you go.

It seems we have a lonely little five-story tower, fully equipped with elevator and staircase, all set to service its doorways out into…thin air.

Evidently the tower was erected in anticipation of a parking garage—but then someone realized a surface lot would be more than adequate, and called off completion of the garage.

The secret: these structures serve a hospital that was largely converted into administrative offices in 2000. And it would seem administrative offices generate a lot less automotive traffic than hospitals. So, the lonely little tower may have been a waste of funds, but at least they didn’t build the whole damn garage.