Doorknob Monday 1/2/2012

A perfectly noble, serviceable doorknob; but of particular note is the chunky-graphics continuous-form-paper banner that whisks us back a quarter-century. Some technology quietly endures when it has a champion.


18 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 1/2/2012

  1. You might enjoy the 2:29 mark of the “Ice Cream” music video by a band called Battles. I’m not going to link to it here because it’s NSFW. Check it out when nobody’s watching you.

    • (Oh, wow. Using ctrl-z to undo totally garbled my comment. Too much fancy freakin’ JavaScript going on. Let’s try again.)

      Whether that video drastically raises the bar, or drastically lowers it, I doubt I can keep up. Doughy middle-aged guy seeks nubile models for doorknob licking! Nah, that doesn’t sound creepy.

      (Despite all the gratuitous eye candy, somehow my favorite shot is the forlorn-looking German shepherd nosing the bananas at the end.)

  2. Even more impressive, it looks like that banner was printed with an old 18-pin dot matrix printer. I can’t believe that was the printer used by the daily metropolitan newspaper I worked for back in the 80s; worst, we had only one for the entire newsroom, and we had to wait for our hard copy to come up in the queue before tearing it off at the perforations in the roll. (Which didn’t always tear like it should have, causing one copy editor to swear like the ex-Marine officer he was.)

    I like brass doorknobs.

      • OMG! So my little message in a bottle made it through. M—–l and I were engaging in monkeyshines of that nature a while ago. I’m guessing it’s about the only stat you have under “search engine terms.” No fear—your content is not in Google, as far as I can tell.

        • WordPress claimed it was the means by which a number of people found my blog. What did you guys do? Plant spyware in my blog? Tag my posts with “phantomxii was here?”

          • Maybe they just put it in there and clicked madly themselves?

            Sometimes, back on VOX, I could add tags to some of my friends’ posts. A glitch in the Matrix. I never put anything bad there, mostly just “LT wuz here”.

          • Really?! How many people? That’s bizarre. Nope—no hacking or cyber-toilet-papering going on here. All I did was enter some search terms on Google and click the resulting link. (M—–l wouldn’t have been involved; I didn’t advise him I was sending you strange messages.)

            • They didn’t specify the number, but they said “People found you by these search terms….” So it could have been just you for all I know. But it was just weird and funny. I don’t think anyone else would have tried such a thing.

    • It’s a mystery to me. B&W laser printers are so ridiculously cheap (even counting the toner, if you choose carefully), I can’t imagine sinking the time and money into keeping a dot-matrix printer going.

  3. You owe me a bottle of Ambien. I’m having flashbacks from my cheap, run down grade school in New Hampshire.

    I’ll email you my address.

    • Which formulation do you like—the kind where you wake up the next morning and discover you (a) made sandwiches for 12, or (b) filled out a ChristianMingle profile with your real information?

      • Oh, definetly (b)! 😀

        I’ve also heard of people getting in their cars and actually driving around town. That sounds like a hoot.

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