Inexplicable Sub-Door Wednesday 12/7/2011

Inexplicable Sub-Door Wednesday 12/7/2011


10 thoughts on “Inexplicable Sub-Door Wednesday 12/7/2011

  1. Well, it *is* in a restaurant…maybe it’s for speedy cookie access! But why does it lock from the inside? Did the gray fuzzy one become too greedy? Is he now permitted only limited visitation with the foodstuffs?

  2. Eggs. They deliver the eggs by opening the leetle door and gently depositing the egg cartons on the floor.
    Ok, I have chickens, but that’s no excuse.
    Is there an answer to this question?

      • I had a *serious* answer, but given the facetious comments made earlier, I wasn’t going to bother until I saw Lauri’s question. If it is a restaurant, then it is indeed a hatch where delivery people can drop off non-perishable packages after hours. I saw a lot of those in Minnesota, though I also saw one at a cafe in Washington state. I think anywhere you get crappy weather and you don’t want to leave stuff on the doorstep overnight, you’ll see those little portals.

        I kind of like the idea of an Ugly Doll entrance, however.

        • OK, that makes sense. It’s sort of an odd location, just out in the dining room, but that’s probably fine, so long as someone checks for deliveries before diners overrun the joint.

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