Unusable Door Thursday 12/1/2011


8 thoughts on “Unusable Door Thursday 12/1/2011

    • Ah, good point—definitely some Winchester House-style shenanigans afoot here! It does, in fact, lead to a rooftop. In theory, you could even walk on the roof, given some caution (it has a pretty significant slope). The door seems pretty well secured, so I don’t think you could escape through it without kicking out the glass.

    • It would? Gosh, Lauri—we may need to get some more excitement into your life! 😀 (Don’t look at me, though. I have as many ideas for excitement as Newt Gingrich has morals.)

  1. Now, here’s a further clue as to the nature of this planning/construction snafu. Look straight out the door at the brick structure at the far end of the walkway. That structure is nearly identical to the one from which this photo was taken. And you’ll note more than one door that leads to nowhere. (It looks as though the builders eventually came to their senses and installed windows instead of doors on the higher levels, but I believe all those openings were designed as doorways.) Hmm…

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