Doorknob Monday 8/1/2011

Things are looking up! After some wandering around, Sailor Knobbo has found a jazz combo in need of a drummer. If he aces the audition, he’ll have a paying gig, and can save up enough to make his way home! He’s all set to break out his best grooves, only…

Come to think of it, Sailor Knobbo has never exactly been equipped to operate a drum kit.

Unless the combo hires him as some kind of weird percussion instrument, how is Sailor Knobbo going to get home?


8 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 8/1/2011

  1. Are you sure he’s not applying for admission into a private music college? Not that I, nor anyone related to me resembles that, 😉

    I’m just wondering… for purely hypothetical reasons…

  2. Maybe Sailor Knobbo can throw himself against the bass drum? Or leap up and down on the cymbals? And there’s always the cowbell.

    But jazz has these really complex percussive rhythms. Maybe he should look into Latin conga drumming.

    • Anything that involves hitting exactly one surface seems like the best bet. Although he has been known to tap out polyrhythms, which is pretty freaky.

    • Sailor Knobbo is greatly affronted at such questioning of his maritime credentials! In addition to his years at sea, he has also been seen wearing a dignified sailor’s cap (currently missing following a recent and much-regretted bender) while piloting his mighty vessel (now far, far away—how will he get back to it?). Don’t get him riled up, or he’ll resort to fisticuffs! (Okay, knobicuffs.)

  3. I’m sure with the use of some springs and a lot of coordination he can manage. Although I would not attempt that drunk.

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