Doorknob Monday 8/8/2011

Hurrah! Things are looking up for Sailor Knobbo!

His near-disastrous bender a few weeks ago left him stranded in an unfamiliar town without his cap.

Sailor Knobbo couldn’t even think where he might have been when he lost it. Things were all hazy!

But then, after asking at the local saloons, he found it in a lost and found box!

Sailor Knobbo felt like himself again.

He had also tried being a drummer. Even though he wasn’t cut out for it, the musicians were very nice about the whole thing.

In fact, when they saw Sailor Knobbo was still lost a while later, they gave him some paper, a pencil, an envelope, and even a stamp!

Finally, he could write home and ask for help!

The musicians said he could use their address. When Sailor Knobbo got a reply, they’d hold it for him.

And guess what? The reply from home just came!

Sailor Knobbo has mail! He’s excited!

If there’s one thing Sailor Knobbo is cut out for, it’s opening envelopes!

He has known this trick for years.

But hey, what is going on with this envelope?

Something seems to be moving around inside.

Sailor Knobbo is nervous!

He’d better hurry and get it open.

What on earth?

There’s somebody in there!

Oh, my!



Doorknob Monday 8/1/2011

Things are looking up! After some wandering around, Sailor Knobbo has found a jazz combo in need of a drummer. If he aces the audition, he’ll have a paying gig, and can save up enough to make his way home! He’s all set to break out his best grooves, only…

Come to think of it, Sailor Knobbo has never exactly been equipped to operate a drum kit.

Unless the combo hires him as some kind of weird percussion instrument, how is Sailor Knobbo going to get home?