Doorknob Monday 7/11/2011

URGH! It’s after 9:00 PM and Sailor Knobbo has just woken up—on the pavement! And he seems to have lost his hat. Clearly the annual July 7th reveling went awry. Horribly, horribly awry. Where is this, anyway? Does that sign say Paducah? He’s a little afraid to ask the police officer strolling by. Better to sit here unnoticed and collect his thoughts. Sailor Knobbo does not seem to have any money on him. It’s possible someone stole it, but much more likely that he spent it all on cherry Jell-O shots. Oh dear. This is going to be interesting.


26 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 7/11/2011

  1. Oops, happy belated birthday, S three dashes t. I blame M-dashes for the error.

    But cherry jell-o shots? Sailor Knobbo, I’m really disappointed in you. If you’re gonna get wasted, get wasted on the good stuff.

    • At least they’re full of healthy protein!

      (I’m still baffled about this birthday rumor. But hey, I’ll accept gifts! I’m registered at Lamborghini of San Mateo.)

        • Hmm…well, my brother did. And most people remember his birthday, since he invented pasteurization, the Van de Graaff generator, the Thompson submachine gun, and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. (He was always bitter about other people’s names being assigned to those things.)

    • He was a Renaissance Man, all right. I forgot to mention that he was also The Wright Brothers.

      And yes, my birthday will definitely be horny.

  2. In agreement with Lauri…love love love Sailor Knobbo! Should have saved the money for a new Sailor hat instead of spending it on Jello shots. And the birthday, well, I don’t care if you celebrate twice a year…you are worth it aren’t you?

  3. It’s bad enough to not be able to open a door when drunk; what does a drunk doorknob do? Now that’s a puzzler.

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