Doorknob Monday 6/20/2011


31 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 6/20/2011

  1. Door to the furnace room? Custodians’ closet?

    We had a similar door in the main hallway of the place I used to work at, and no one seemed to know what was behind it. Then one evening when I was leaving later than usual, I saw that the doors were open! I sneaked around to get a peak, and it was the biggest storage room short of a warehouse. There was a forklift and one of those things that looks like a large table on wheels inside, and that was it. I thought, given the arguments they were always having over lack of space, we’re giving this giant room to two machines? Maybe they were the real heads of the organization!

  2. I was going to go with, “Hey, your knob is so shiny I can see your reflection in it. You must polish your knob a lot.”

    Then I decided to go with the old standby instead.

  3. Is that your reflection I see in the knob? And whose finger-smudges are those, to the left? Questions! Questions!

  4. Is that a shoeprint next to the door? It does look like the kind of thing that needs to be kicked in order to open.

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