Doorknob Monday 1/10/2011

It’s 11:59 PM! Where on earth is Sailor Knobbo? Oh, there he is—on the Christmas tree (which is still up for some reason) posing proudly next to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms ornament.

(You think I’m kidding? Zoom in for yourself.)

Merry It’s-Not-Christmas-Anymore!


18 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 1/10/2011

  1. What the heck. Where did you get something like that? It’s almost as bad as my brother’s Christmas card from the NRA: “Wishing you holiday greetings from your friends at the National Rifle Association.”

    It didn’t have a gun on the front, btw. It was very generic and boring.

    • It was a tongue-in-cheek gift from a couple of economist friends who work for the gummint up in D.C. It’s actually a nicely-made ornament. We also got ourselves one of the White House (that was during the Clinton years, although it’s not president-specific).

  2. This is disgusting! I can’t believe you’re posting such filth on a public blog! I’m going to report you immediately to the–

    Oh, no… wait… I see. It’s just a blue Christmas light. I thought Knobbo was flashing me. Never mind.

    • That certainly was a BLUE comment! Because, like, you thought the picture was indecent…and sometimes “blue” means, like, pornographic…and…okay, this isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Hey, ps I never did get your username. I am not sure you can see my blog since I made it private. let me know.

    • Looks like you guessed it right (it’s just phantomxii). I’ve really been sporadic with my reading the past couple of weeks—you’ve got a lot I haven’t read yet! I’ll check it out.

      • Don’t feel by any means you need to read most of it. Long story short, I attended jury duty and ended up on a very serious trial. Just ended. Otherwise my life has been pretty boring. 😉

    • It’s interesting: on one hand, some would see the Bureau as a big-brother government agency, infringing on their basic rights. On the other, some folks just hear the name and immediately think of their three favorite things. 😀

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