Doorknob Monday 12/20/2010

At last! Sailor Knobbo has gingerly maneuvered the wreath into position. It’s nicely centered and looks great.

Now to tidy up that ribbon at the top. Sailor Knobbo should be able to get up there easily. Aaaaand…


Okay, the hell with the wreath. Sailor Knobbo is going to spend the rest of the evening with his pal, Frosty the Mysteriously Illuminated Snowman.

“Merry Christmas, everyone!” says Sailor Knobbo.


7 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 12/20/2010

  1. Nothing mysterious about that glow: Frosty is radioactive.

    Seriously, a while back we had these Ninja Turtle stickers that my son got as stocking stuffers one Christmas. They glowed in the dark and were considered totally awesome. They were stuck on the wall next to my son’s bed, until I found out they were made in China out of a substance used in nuclear power stations. The stickers were scraped off and thrown away, and I’ve been watching ever since to make sure he doesn’t grow an extra head or a third ear.

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