Doorknob Monday 11/22/2010

Sailor Knobbo on the High Seas

7 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 11/22/2010

    • Sailor Knobbo is still trying to figure out the cannon. He thinks it has to do with loading up some water in the hold. He is concerned about overshooting and getting water on civilians ashore.

  1. Please give me your wife’s phone number. I think I need to let her know that you’ve gone completely nuts.

    (Nice faucet handles, by the way.)

  2. I missed this one somehow. But I immediately thought of deercrowseer’s last comment a la Scotty on Star Trek.

    I dinna ken wha Sailor Knobbo would be saying now. “Cap’n! If we canna git inta deeper waters soon, we’ll hit bottom!”

    (Sorry. I used to love writing Robert Burns parodies in college.)

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