Doorknob Monday 11/15/2010


5 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 11/15/2010

  1. I was reading The Tin Drum last night and one of the characters mentioned that, “if I were asked to think up a new name for temptation, I should recommend the word ‘doorknob’, because what are these protuberances put on doors for if not to tempt us…”

    So what’s behind that door? I’d be tempted to open it, but I think I’d also be scared of what I might find. That lock at the bottom doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  2. This reminds of this noir film I saw, where the main characters are hiding from a hit man in some remote resort hotel. They think they’re safe, and they’re talking about what they want to do once “the problem” settles down. But the camera keeps cutting to the door. So you know someone is gonna come through that door. In fact, he might be standing right behind it at that very moment. And then the doorknob starts to slowly turn….

    Yargh. I think I’m going to go outside and get some Vitamin D.

  3. I like the ominous direction of these comments. I think it helps that the image is grainy from low light. Perhaps I’ll keep this mysterious. I wouldn’t want to disappoint (or relieve?) anyone.

    • I originally thought it was a doorstop to hold the door open, but now you and M—–l have me questioning that assumption. Why does the door need an extra lock? What is it keeping out? Aieee!

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