Doorknob Monday 11/8/2010

We have a new friend with us this fine Doorknob Monday.

Everyone, I present to you…

…Sailor Knobbo.

(With apologies to Sailor Babo.)


18 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 11/8/2010

  1. Haha! Good ‘un! But he looks more like Thrifty Scot Knobbo with the plaid bonnet.

    (We had a hardware store near our house called “Thrifty Scot.” They had a really awful caricature on their sign of a Scotsman in a kilt and bonnet, smoking a pipe. I guess the Scot wasn’t so thrifty he could give up smoking.)

  2. Sailor Knobbo is happy to hear from everyone! It is rumored that he is indeed a sailor of Scottish extraction, although precisely which clan is represented by that tartan remains a matter of much speculation.

    It is further rumored that a proper Scottish sailor would wear some manner of tam, but Sailor Knobbo has always been a bit of a renegade.

  3. I just noticed that you’ve been reposting your old Vox posts. I saw the one where we met go by this morning. I must admit I got a bit teary-eyed. I’m all grumpy, though, as you have the comments turned off. How am I supposed to say the exact same things now that I said three years ago if you have the comments turned off?

    • I don’t blame you for getting teary-eyed, looking back on how we’ve all grown over the past three years. Or regressed. Whatever.

      I’m glad you mentioned the comments. In fact, I think I’ll post something about that.

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