Doorknob Monday 11/1/2010


10 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 11/1/2010

  1. Hi,
    Recipe for a brighter Monday morning: Click on your Solomon Burke song link in your Oct 10 post, crank it up, and then scroll up and look at all the pics. Jump from the autumnal scene to the door knob above and then below. Good times, as they say.
    I’ve seen those door knobs before, well, maybe not THOSE but ones like them. You’ve isolated the objects, the moments, the feelings that go with such moments, brilliantly. Those things become beautiful in art and you’ve delivered. Again, good times.
    Thanks for the good morning.

  2. I like that the sign says “pull to open”. Who would try to push a door that has a silver metal thingy on it that would obviously prevent the door from being successfully pushed?

    • You can’t really tell from the picture, but the “for your convenience” thing is a box with a door that opens outward. Otherwise, yes, it would be very silly indeed.

    • OK, I admit it—I took advantage of their Nite Owl Service. In other words, I had some work done on my car. 😀 I should post before and after pics!

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