Doorknob Monday 10/11/2010

This week’s terrifying doorknob brought to you courtesy of my father-in-law, Maine musician and artist Ross Bachelder. Beware!


14 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 10/11/2010

  1. I remember Ross Bachelder. Facebook really wanted me to be friends with him. I mean every single day it told me I should be friends with Ross Bachelder.

  2. I could use a doorknob like that for my room. Just as when I was a teenager with no rights to privacy, people keep going in my bedroom to “borrow” stuff. So my hand towels have all disappeared, as have all still-functional pens and my personal stash of chocolate.

    And….just curious. Your father-in-law’s name sounds a lot like Boxelder. I wonder if the two are connected.

    • Ah, the ceaseless “borrowing” of things: I know the feeling. (I’m not sure if there’s any correspondence with Boxelder, but there are some boxwoods around the side of the house, if that helps.)

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