Doorknob Monday 8/23/2010


7 thoughts on “Doorknob Monday 8/23/2010

  1. I don't know about the elevators, but the opposite doorknob definitely counts. Sure, they're attached to each other…but don't oppress their individuality, man!

    Besides, this is the dramatic (?) resolution of last week's episode. Yes, friends, the dark secret behind the door turns out to be…um….

    Well, I never said it wouldn't be anticlimactic.

  2. What you Americans are knowing about the BSW is best to be not knowing, yes? Going about your businesses, nor speaking to the government about this little operation here, would be greatly to your personal benefits.

  3. Not seeing Russian gangster anymore. Now see at BSW Boris and Natasha assembling bombs, the round black ones with the fuses coming out of their tops. "Moose and Squirrel must die!"

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