Door Handles Tuesday (12-29-2009)


11 thoughts on “Door Handles Tuesday (12-29-2009)

  1. Thanks–but I must confess the depicted residence doesn't belong to us. Our outdoor yuletide festoonery consists of exactly nothing this year. Maybe next year.

  2. Cool doors Scott! Thanks a bunch it gives me some holiday cheer. I was quite sad because our electrical sockets that allow us to put up our christmas lights went out this year and so there was no lights out side at the Koch household. I suggested that we steel (just joking) the big wolf man from the local drive thru and decorate him next year to be different and Mike said "YOUR CRAZY." Ba humbug I was just trying to be different and funny.

  3. Boo! I think you've forgotten the true meaning of Door Handles Tuesday, buried under all the glitz and glamour. This is where decadent "Hollywood morality" gets us! For shame. Won't anyone think of the door handles yet to come?

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