The Old Glenmary Seminary

I've known this familiar Springdale, Ohio landmark for some 35 years. An imposing and distinctive building, it stands out amid the nearby corporate buildings, restaurants, and retail. But Google is surprisingly reluctant to turn up information about it. Recently I learned some of its background and thought I'd share. (Standard disclaimer: the story is just here for your interest, and isn't any kind of official statement by the organizations mentioned.)

The building was the undertaking of the Glenmary Home Missioners, a Catholic group then located in Glendale, Ohio, immediately to the south of Springdale. Construction began in 1950 and the south wing was completed in 1951; the entire project finished in 1961. The building housed a seminary until just 1966, and the group's offices until 1971. Glenmary then sold the building, and it has housed commercial offices ever since. Apparently the clocks on the tower–just three of them and none working, possibly due to a shortage of funds at the time–were added during the mid to late 1980s. The Sheakley Group of Companies bought the building in 1993 and eventually rechristened it The Sheakley Building; Sheakley still owns it today. (If the building had a formal name prior to that, I haven't found it.) In 1999-2000 Sheakley built a large addition in the rear; though designed as modern office space, its brickwork blends with the original building.

Addendum: I've also heard that the building is situated on the highest point in Hamilton County. I haven't confirmed this, but it seems plausible.




8 thoughts on “The Old Glenmary Seminary

  1. It's all office space…it looks as though any residential/religious functions ceased in the early 70s. It's very well maintained.

  2. Prior to being the Glenmary Seminary it was Maple Knoll Hospital and prior to that it was a hospital for unwed mothers “Home for the Friendless.” There were other uses too but the time frames are not clear.

  3. If that’s the building I think it is (over by Tri-County Mall), then I remember it as a retail establishment in the early 80s called Markets International. I used to go there with my mom and grandmother. It was full of little shops specializing in foods, clothing, and other imported products…sort of like the international section of Jungle Jim’s. I remember there being a German shop, an Irish shop, etc. It was sort of like a free trip to Epcot. At least that’s how I remember it.

    • This is right down the street from the old Markets International, which I don’t think is there anymore–there’s a GE Engineering office there, or something like that. That was a pretty cool place, and as I recall it just didn’t get enough business to keep it going. My friends and I taped a scene for an extremely low-budget, extremely bad movie in the MI parking lot after it had closed. That was…1989?

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