Song for My Brother

A post, now, in memory of my brother Ross, who died suddenly at the age of 35 on March 4, 2001.

Ross at One Year Ross '85 Ross Roadking Ross in Cincinnati January 2001 Ross and Sheila 3/3/01

Ross was a programmer, a musician, a biker, and a great brother. He would have been a terrific uncle.

I regret not having a song of my own to put here, but I haven't had much in the way of songs since then. So I offer instead a beautiful piece of 70s fusion, a long-time favorite of mine that I nonetheless haven't heard this millenium. (Sometimes you put something down and are afraid to pick it up again.) The music is perfect; I didn't pick it out just because of the title. Fair warning: this is a long one.

[I’m sad to report that Shadowfax drummer Stuart Nevitt died just days after I originally posted this in 2008. Winds player Chuck Greenberg died in 1995. –Ed.]

This year I've reinstated Ross's web site, which has been mostly absent since the day that March when I turned off the Linux box it ran on. I like the list of cars. Also the sounds. Especially that one sound. (Eww!) That was my brother for you.